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Английский язык, Tomorrow ( to be ) Monday (4-08-2019, 02:01)

1.Tomorrow ( to be ) Monday. 2.Even the sun ( to die ) some day. 3.My brother ( to be ) twenty next year. 4.You ( to call ) me tomorrow? 5.He ( to be ) in St.Petersburg tomorrow? 6.The car of the future ( to be ) comfortable. 7.I think he ( not to pass ) his exam tomorrow. 8.Extensive forests ( to remain ) in the UK in 3000? 9.People ( not to clear ) much forest land in the future. 10.I hope the weather ( to keep ) fine next weekend.скачать dle 12.1

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Ответ от georgy (Личный рейтинг439 460):
1. is 2. will die3. will be4. Will you call5. will he be6. will be7. will not pass8. will extensive forests remain9. will not clear10. will keep

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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