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Очень нужна помощь, форма ответа: 5. 1а2b. Заранее большое Спасибо. VII . Определите функцию причастия I . 1. We are hoping for an upturn in sales around the Christmas period. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 2. Technically speaking, we have run into negative profit. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 3. The fact is, we’re selling old product through inefficient distributors. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 4. When founding a new company you should have enough money. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 5. He is the president of a big company producing software. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого VIII. Выберите правильный перевод причастия I 1. Looking at our sales profile in the UK, we can see that last year our online sales rose steadily. a. глядя b. смотрящие c. смотрим 2. The leading companies control the country’s export. a. лидируя b. лидирующие c. лидировали 3. Our figures for January-October are very disappointing. a. разочаровывающие b. разочаровавшиеся c. разочаруют 4. The price is 300 Swiss francs per night, including breakfast. a. включают b. включенный c. включая 5. In 5 years the number of Europeans shopping on line will grow. a. покупая b. покупают c. покупающих IX . Определите функцию причастия II . 1. When tested, the machines showed a low rate of failure. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 2. Videoconferencing allows you to have a more personalized relationship. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 3. They informed us that the final decision had been made. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 4. The main reason given for the delay was the need of replacement. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого 5. He suggested that the goods can be bought from another supplier. a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого X. Выберите правильный перевод причастия II 1. You must show that you are prepared to negotiate. a. готовитесь b. готовы c. будете готовиться 2. The hotel has security controlled parking. a. контролирующий b. контролируемый c. контролирует 3. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. a. одобряющие b. одобрены c. одобряют 4. Companies have to identify the qualities associated with their product. a. связанные b. связав c. связывают 5. We would like to check that the prices are as stated in your catalogue. a. указанны b. указав c. указывают 6. The company founded in 1965 is still expanding. a. основывают b. основала c. основанная XI. Выберите правильный вариант причастия I или II. 1. I’m ... if this is a good idea. a. wondering b. wondered c. having wondered 2. Our products and services can be better ... to the needs of the customer. a. targeting b. targeted c. having targeted 3. They typically end up ... money from firms and banks. a. taking b. taken c. having taken 4. There were more and more people ... in the lawsuit. a. involved b. involving c. having involved 5. They acquired another ... company. a. plastic-packaged b. plastic-packaging c. having plastic-packaged XII. Заполните пропуски в предложениях соответствующими союзными словами: 1. In the networked world of the future, where you live will have little effect on ... you work. a. where b. if c. why 2. Disney’s CEO claims ... the company is developing a new product. a. which b. what c. that 3. Gordons Gin fills selected British cinemas with smell of juniper berries ... its commercials are being screened. a. when b. why c. where 4. No one could predict ... they would react. a. why b. what c. how 5. Sometimes its difficult to decide ... messages you should read and respond to first. a. who b. whose c. why 6. In his report he mentioned some figures ... clearly illustrated the company development. a. which b. when c. whoскачать dle 12.1

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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