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Английский язык, A British lawyer often _____ on precedent (24-09-2019, 12:29)

1. A British lawyer often _____ on precedent. a. relies b. rely c. relying d. to rely 2. The UK a small territory. a. cover b. covers c. covering d. has been covered 3. Everything in Great Britain ___ in the Queens name. a. do b. does c. is done d. is doing 4. Counties constituents of the UK. a. to be b. be c. is d. are 5. In counties local authorities are responsible for various services. a. organization b. organizing c, to organize d. organizes 6. In the UK Parliament of two Houses. a. consist b. the, consists c. a, consider d. -, consists 7. Who all ministers in the UK? a. appoint b. appoints c. appointing d. to appoint 8. What the responsibilities of Parliament? a. be b. are c. to be d. is 9. What is Parliament in the UK responsible ? a. at b. after c. with d. for 10. The UK into counties. a. divided b. is divided c. divide d. divides 11. The UK Queen but . a. reign, rule b. reigns, rules c. reigns, doesnt rule d. doesnt reign, rule 12. The laws in Parliament make up a constituent part of the UK Constitution. a. pass b. passing c. passes d. passed 13. What is official name of Great Britain? a. a b. the c. any d. some 14. How does the population of the UK amount to? a. a lot of millions b. many millions c. any million d. a few millions 15. The UK has an Constitution. a. ordinary b. unusual c. trivial d. typical 16. Where local authorities sit? a. does b. do c. to do d. - 17. What an Act of Parliament? a. are, the b. is, the c. is, - d. is, a 18. Parliament is responsible for national policy. a. decide b. makes c. making d. decision 19. Where the local authorities ? a. do, sit b. does, sit c. doing, sitting d. to do, sit 20. In the UK the House of Commons the major role in law making. a. games b. plays c. play d. player 21. In the UK the monarch can only with the support of Parliament. a. rein b. reign c. drive d. run 22. What is the UK divided ? a. at b. into c. through d. on 23. The British government three parts, it? a. comprise, does b. comprises, doesnt c. comprises, does d. comprise, dontскачать dle 12.1

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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