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Английский язык, Придумать рассказ о любом литературном герое на английском Использовать слова: well knnown (24-09-2019, 13:01)

Придумать рассказ о любом литературном герое на английском Использовать слова: well knnown, unusual, amazing, clever, ordinary, loyalскачать dle 12.1

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My favourite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse. It is famous all over the world. All children and grown-ups know him very well. This character was first introduced by Walt Disney many years ago and soon became very well-known and recognizable. Mickey is very friendly, funny and open-hearted. He is kind and merry. Usually he wears a pair of red shorts with two large buttons in the front, large yellow shoes, and white gloves and is accompanied by his dog Pluto, his girlfriend Minnie Mouse and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy. This character is always ready to help his friends. I love to watch every cartoon about Mickey. илиMy favourite  character is Cinderella.  She is very kind and good-looking girl. She has two sisters and a stepmother, who don`t love her and  treat her horribly. One day   Cinderella receives an invitation to a ball . But Cinderella has nothing to wear. Her Fairy Godmother gives her a wonderful dress and shoes. Cinderella arrives at the castle and met Prince there. They dance and talk,  and the Prince falls in love with her, but soon Cinderella has to run away. On her way home she loses one of her shoes. The Prince wants to find Cinderella and marry her.  Soon he finds her and they are happy.

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