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Английский язык, Раскройте скобки 11 (24-09-2019, 14:51)

Раскройте скобки 11. He (teach) at school for five years when the war broke out. 12. Hi! What you (do) here since morning? 13. By the end of this year he (read) about two hundred pages. 14. When you (see) him last? 15. Don’t ring me up at 11 o’clock, I (sleep). 16. ‘You (find) your note-book?’ ‘No! I still (look) for it. I already (look) for it for two hours, but (not yet find) it.’ 17. They (sail) down the river for many hours before they come to the village. 18. At last the librarian gave me the book which I (wait) for during two months. 19. He (write) the composition for three hours and he said he (finish) it soon. 20. On entering the drawing-room he (find) that his two friends (get) up and (wait) for him.скачать dle 12.1

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Ответ от Nicola (Личный рейтинг438 130):
Has taughtare doinghas been readingdid seewill sleepdid find am looking have looked havenot found yethave sailedhad been waitinghad been writing would finishfoundhad got had been waiting

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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