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Английский язык, Write a report on the eating habits of your friend (24-09-2019, 16:26)

Write a report on the eating habits of your friendскачать dle 12.1

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Nowdays, a hugeamount of pupils spent their breaks standing in queues to the wendingmachines to buy junk food and have a quick snack before the next lesson.I suppose, not all of them a quite concerned what these snacks maycause and how they can affect body. Hopefully, my report will dispel thecloud of ignorance and you will learn a bit more about it.    Obesityis one of the main consequences of eating junk food. Also, there arenumerous of factors that show up: high heart rates and blood pressureare mostly caused because of unsaturated fats presented in junk food.  Asto talk about alternative, I would say the main thing is to changepoints of views of these junk-eaters: they need to understand how thiscan change their life. Vegetables and fruit are very healthy, and pupilscan take home-made snacks to school every day, instead of spendingmoney at school. News and social media can also affect persons opinion,some scary facts about McDonalds or anything else.   They mainthing I need to say is that personally everyone needs to find a perfectproportion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins for themselves. Harmony -is our everything. If you can combine carrot bites and visitingMcdonalds, you can live a normal life.

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