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Английский язык, 3 классБиболетова письмо другу на английском (24-09-2019, 18:45)

3 классБиболетова письмо другу на английскомскачать dle 12.1

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Имя друг,I hope this letter will find you in the most cheerful mood.When I visited last month, you had a lot of unresolved issues, and you were a bit depressed because of this. I hope that now everything is fine! You know you can always count on me and share all their problems with me.I am also writing to you to invite You to the party, as you probably remember, my birthday is March 27. We will celebrate in the restaurant, I hope it will be a good chance for you to relax and to meet new people I have invited many friends from my University).By the way, how was the Birthday with your brother? Sorry again that I couldnt come – I was sick and had to stay in bed. Im sending my gift to him through our friend Ben. He was 25 years old then, right? Ill be happy to see him on my birthday.With best wishes,Твоё имя .

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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