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Сочинение про мой город сургут на английскомскачать dle 12.1

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It is an area of 213 square kilometres. The city is located on the banks of the Ob river, in the centre of the West Siberian plain, in the forest. In the relief of Surgut harmoniously combines mountains and plains. The city is considered one of the far North. Winter lasts nearly nine months. Surgut is divided arbitrarily into three zones: the Central part of the Old town and the industrial area. There are five official regions: North; East; North industrial; Central; North-East. Note that Surgut was founded in the area where there are many lakes and marshes and very cold climate. So the city built a very strong and warm. Considerable attention is given to quality of insulation. The city is very clean, but to remove all the snow does not always work because of the capricious weather. Surgut has its own airport with international status. In 2001, opened a terminal, capable of flowing 150 people per hour. The town has a railroad and a river port. But it is only active in the summer. Here are some of the worlds most powerful power plants – TPP 1 and 2. On the territory of Surgut are: meat; bakery; brewery plant; dairy. The time in Surgut: the difference with Moscow is two hours. This variation arose due to the distances between the cities, which is 2143 km. The flight is only an hour and a half. The population of the Population in Surgut more than in Khanty-Mansiysk. And the last is officially the administrative center of the region. The majority of inhabitants of Surgut – able-bodied citizens at the age from 25-35 years. Population growth per year – almost 2,000 people. Mostly the people engaged in oil production and processing enterprises. The population in January 2014 was 332,3 thousands of people. People went to Surgut from all corners of the country since the sixties. So the city can meet a lot of different nationalities. The main population – Khanty and Mansi. The number of unemployed in Surgut steadily declining. The population in 2016 is currently one of the major industrial centers of the Tyumen region of the district of Ugra – Surgut. The population in 2016 amounted to 348 643 people. This is the data of Federal state statistics service. Information are confirmed by the interdepartmental information system and official web portal EMISS. Demography, level, and quality of life Thanks to the support of the government, at the expense of many social programs in Surgut significantly decreased mortality. And the birth rate increased by about seventy percent. Partly due to the youth coming for permanent residence in Surgut. The population that lives in the city constantly, almost 340 thousand people. If considered together with the surrounding cities (Kogalym, Nefteyugansk and Nizhnevartovsk), it is 900 000. Surgut ulterior motive is the city youth. Live there permanently 86 000 young people, aged from 14 to 30 years. In 2015 the average salary in Surgut was about 45 thousand rubles. According to forecasts of population growth in

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