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Английский язык, Напишите письмо королеве Британии (24-09-2019, 22:02)

Напишите письмо королеве Британии,тема Рождевство(письмо написать на английском)Дам кучу баллов!!(размер-210 слов)скачать dle 12.1

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Ответ от Tamara (Личный рейтинг270 820):
(220 слов)Hello dear Queen,I very nice to meet you,how are you?Now we have a great celebrate-Christmas.In Russia we are celebrated Christmas with our family,we have a present.I’ve heard about In almost all European cities, Christmas markets and markets start working, houses and shops are decorated with special decorations: illuminated garlands, decorated with fir trees and white fluffy snow.Already closer to the Christmas in Europe, children begin to walk home with carols - they sing festive songs and say good wishes to the family. And in return receive gifts: fried chestnuts, gingerbread and sweets.But in Russia The most zealous Christians begin to prepare for the holiday long before his offensive - a strict fast. Its called Christmas. Or Filippov (because it begins with the day of the memory of the Apostle Philip). Fasting is first and foremost a time of special spiritual concentration, prayer, sobriety, curbing your bad inclinations. Well, as for food, then, if you follow the strict charter, on the days of Christmas fast (November 28 - January 6):Do not eat meat, butter, milk, eggs, cheeseon Monday, Wednesday and Friday - do not eat fish, do not drink wine, the food is cooked without oil (dryness)Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - you can cook food with vegetable oilon Saturdays, Sundays and on great holidays, fish are allowed.On the eve of Christmas, nothing is eaten until the appearance of the first star.But what about Your country? Im very interested and Ill wait for the answer.

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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Английский язык

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