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Английский язык, Составьте текст в котором должны присуствовать слова inhabited (24-09-2019, 23:46)

Составьте текст в котором должны присуствовать слова inhabited, briliant, traders, civilisation, invented, developed, to make sure, communicate with, consisted of, cheat them out of moneyскачать dle 12.1

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Ответ от aleks (Личный рейтинг441 700):
If we ever find another inhabited planet, somebody will surely come up with a brilliant idea of trading with them. In this case, our governments will need to make sure that the traders from the other civilization will be treated properly. If they are developed enough for us to communicate with them, they are not going to be fond of the perspective of being cheated out of money by the frauds from Earth. As we all know, a fair share of deals in human history consisted of attempts to fool one another. But before all this, a way to travel among the start needs to be invented.

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